Tigress migrates to other reserve in search of a mate

A two-and-a-half year old tigress, code named T6, migrated from New Nagzira sanctuary to Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR), 70km apart, in Gondia district of Maharashtra in India. It is expected that she will mate with a young male tiger that has also stay put here after coming from an unknown area, rekindling hopes for Navegaon’s tiger glory after a gap of nearly 25 years. Tigress migrated somewhere around December 2014, but it became known to the forest officials in early January.

Experts are unable to explain the cause that triggered T6’s migration to Navegaon. Nagzira tigers have a history of migration because of a slew of reasons like lopsided sex-ratio, uneven spread of prey base and human-dominated landscape. But it is only the males that are known to have migrated earlier.

Experts say females generally tend to stay in the core area with future of bringing up family in a secured ambience on their mind. Despite that T6 moved from Nagzira, preferring to cross state and national highways, agriculture fields and human habitation.

Earlier a male tiger, Jay, had also migrated from Nagzira, to Umred-Karandla in Nagpur district, 100 km away, in search of a mate. Tigresses, however, are not known to wander such long distances. According to field director of NNTR Sanjay Thawre, “We don’t know why T6 and the male tiger, seen in Navegaon for past two months, have come there. We are hoping that these two tigers — currently about five km apart — will eventually come together and start a family.” (The Indian Express)

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