Jungle in and around Panchkula has 153 leopards

Indian Leopard - 11; pix SShukla; Chandigarh; January 2011Two wildlife sanctuaries located in Panchkula, a district in the Indian state of Haryana, Bir Shakargah and Khol Hi-Raitan, has 26 leopards. 

Conservator of forests and wildlife M L Rajvanshi said the wildlife reserves spread across Panchkula, Morni, Pinjore, Kalka, Sukhna and Nalagarh starting from Kalesar near Yamunanagar have a total of 153 leopards.

According to the census of the forests and wildlife department of Haryana conducted in 2016. Rajvanshi said leopards tend to stray out of their natural habitat, which has become one of the biggest reasons behind their deaths and the increased leopard attacks on humans. “During winters, Cheetals, Barasinghas and Blue Bulls stray out of jungle into the agricultural fields in search of food and following them leopards too stray out and get killed in road accidents”, he said.

He said Bir Shakargah and Khol Hi-Raitan are the only wildlife forest reserves with Panchkula which are situated at hill stations. “The close encounters with leopards are a sign of overlapping habitats. Sightings, intrusions and death of four leopards in urban areas of Panchkula adjoining Morni hills have underlined the conflict between man and nature,” said Rajvanshi. (Times of India)

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