Bear VS Lion: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Who would win in a fight between a bear and a lion?

The two animals are very different. Lions are big cats and they hunt other animals such as deer and antelope. Bears are also large mammals, but they eat plants more often than meat.

Bear Vs Lion: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Bears and lions are both carnivores, but their diets differ greatly. Bears are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter.

On the other hand, lions are strictly carnivorous, meaning they only eat meat. But does this make the lion stronger?

The size difference is another factor to consider. Bears are larger than lions. Bears can weigh up to 900 pounds while a lion weighs around 400 pounds.

This article looks at these differences in closer detail and will tell you how to identify the differences between a lion and a bear to work out who would win in a fight when it comes down to it.

The Bear

A bear is an omnivore, eating mostly plants. It has long claws that help it dig for roots and tubers. Its fur helps keep it warm during cold weather.

Bears are found all over the world. There are more than 20 species of bears. Grizzlies are the largest of the bears.

Grizzly bears have short legs and a stocky build. Their paws are webbed like those of a duck. Grizzly bears live in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They can grow up to 900 pounds.

Bears are solitary creatures. They spend most of their time alone or with just one other female. Males usually stay away from females when they are in estrus. This means that they are ready to mate.

Bears hibernate in winter. During this period, they sleep for about six months. They wake up in spring and begin looking for food.

In summer, bears go into a state called “musth.” Musth occurs when males become aggressive toward other males. This causes them to roar.

During mating season, male bears often fight each other. These fights usually end quickly because the winner gets to mate with the female.

The Lion

Lions are one of the most powerful predators on Earth. They are known for their strength and speed. They can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Lions are native to Africa. There are five subspecies of lions. African lions are the largest of the subspecies. They can weigh up to around 500 pounds.

Lions are classified as felids, which means they belong to the cat family. Like other cats, they have retractable claws that they use to scratch trees or walls when they want to mark their territory.

They have thick manes and tails that serve as camouflage. Their coats vary from light brown to black.

They have a broad head with a rounded snout. Their eyes are set close together. Their ears are pointed forward.

Their jaws are strong enough to crush bones. They have sharp teeth that allow them to tear flesh easily. But the question is, would a lion be stronger than a bear in a fight?

Bear VS Lion

Bear Vs Lion


When it comes to strength, a bear is stronger than a lion. Plus, if we look at the size of these animals, then a bear would probably win in a fight. While a bear may weigh up to 900 pounds, a lion weighs around 400-500 pounds.

Weight will play such a big role in helping any animal attack another. Moreover, in the wild, bears can stand on their feet and reach 9ft tall, and this is often their position when fighting.

Lions only have a maximum length of 8 feet and even the biggest lion ever recorded was 827 pounds.


Both lions and bears can reach immense speeds on land.

A lion can reach speeds of 50mph when sprinting for short times and although a bear can reach the same speed, it cannot keep this up at such a high speed for as long as the lion.

In this case, the lion would be able to outrun the bear.


If you take a look at the strength of both animals, then the bear wins hands down. Bears have very powerful muscles and tendons. When it comes to muscle strength, a bear’s biceps are twice as strong as a human’s.

A lion has a lot of power in its forelegs. Its hind legs are weaker compared to its front legs but even combined, they would not equal the strength of a bear.

Bite And Teeth

Both animals rely on their bites to deal with prey. Bears have a powerful bite and this measures 1,200PSI. They also push 3-inch teeth into enemies and prey.

Lions have a weaker bite force and this measures 650 PSI. However, their canine teeth can reach up to 4 inches. Bears get the advantage here however since they have such a powerful bite force.


Bears have great senses and these help them when it comes to finding and eventually killing their prey. Their sense of smell is so powerful they can sniff out food even if it is miles away.

Their hearing is also twice that of a human, and their sight improves when it is dusk and animals are vulnerable.

Lions however still win on the sensing front as they have an excellent sense of smell and can see clearly at night. They can hear prey from miles away and their senses tip those of a bear ever so slightly.

Offensive Capabilities

The bear and lion both use their teeth when it comes to killing prey.

Lions also use their claws on their front legs to dig deep into prey or enemies and pin them under their weight. They then continue biting and scratching prey.

Bears can use paw strikes too which are equally powerful with their sharp claws, and can also bite to kill enemies.

Both are very similar but when it comes to capabilities, the bear is still a lot stronger and gets the upper hand.

Who Would Win In A Fight?

When it comes to strength, the bear is much stronger than the lion. This means that the bear would win in a fight.

The reason why we say this is because the lion relies more on its speed and agility while the bear uses brute strength.

Bears have the advantage in more aspects, they are bigger, stronger, and have offensive capabilities.

The only time that a lion might have a chance is if it crept up and ambushed a bear. It would have to bite its head with enough power that it shattered the skull completely.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about who would win in a fight between a lion and a bear!

Remember, both are strong animals and both have strengths and weaknesses, but when it comes down to it, the bear wins almost every time.

Joe Edwards