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Welcome to Tiger Tribe, your source for fascinating information about apex predators around the world. Join us as we showcase stunning photos, share wildlife news, and provide in-depth profiles on iconic hunters like lions, tigers, bears, and more. Our mission is to educate people about these incredible animals and advocate for protecting the wild habitats they depend on.

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Get to know the different apex predators around the world through our in-depth species spotlights. Learn about their characteristics, behaviors, hunting strategies, and role as keystone species in maintaining diverse ecosystems.



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I’m Ethan Ranger, a wildlife biologist with over 11 years of experience researching apex predators in the field. I earned my biology degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2007. Soon after, I embarked on an incredible multi-year study of lion prides in Botswana’s Okavango Delta from 2008-2011.

In 2012, I shifted my focus to gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park. For the next three years, I examined wolf behavior and interactions with other species. My insights helped inform important conservation decisions in the region. I’ve been recognized as an authority on wolf ecology and co-authored two books on the topic.

After so many years tracking iconic hunters in Africa and North America, I decided to found Tiger Tribe in 2016. Here I can share my passion for predators more broadly through writing and photography.

With over a decade of hands-on apex predator research experience under my belt, I offer a unique on-the-ground perspective. My work has been published widely and cited by conservation organizations worldwide. I am dedicated to using my expertise as an authoritative voice calling for the protection of apex predators and wild places.

Explore Apex Predators Further With These Resources

Want to learn more about the world’s incredible apex predators? From wildlife conservation groups working to protect predators to research labs unveiling new insights, there are great resources to delve deeper into apex predator ecology, behavior, and conservation.

We’ve gathered links to reputable organizations and institutions at the forefront of studying and protecting these important keystone species.
Whether you want to follow the latest findings, plan an ethical wildlife-viewing trip, or support on-the-ground conservation efforts, these resources are a great starting point for further exploration.

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Enjoy our extensive photo galleries showcasing apex predators in their natural habitats. From lions on the savanna to bears roaming North American forests, we’ll bring you breathtaking images of these hunters across diverse landscapes around the world.