How Much Are Lions (Can You Even Buy Them)

Lions are often called the kings of the animal kingdom, and for good reason.

How Much Are Lions (Can You Even Buy Them)

They’re proud and fierce animals so I’d imagine one of the last things you’d associate with them is purchasing one of these magnificent beasts!

In this article we’ll be discussing the process of buying a lion, and more importantly if it’s even possible in the first place. 

Can I Even Own A Lion? 

Well, why not? It might sound stupid but so long as you have the budget to buy, house and take care of a lion, and of course you have experience in taking care of big cats, then there’s nothing stopping you from going out and purchasing your lion today! There are a few things to consider first though.

If you live in the states, owning a lion can be a tricky situation.

Due to the precarious nature of lions, in the eyes of the American government (understandably!) they can potentially cause life threatening danger.

Because of this, owning lions is prohibited and illegal in 21 different states.

But don’t lose all hope immediately! If you live in any of the states listed then you can legally purchase and keep a lion all of your own!

  • Texas
  • Montana
  • Nevada 
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina 
  • Wisconsin 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Alabama

As well as this, if you’re planning on buying a big cat whilst living in one of these states, you’ll also have to apply for state and federal authorisations which will cost you at least $200 annually.

Weirdly enough- If you lived in the UK and wanted to purchase a lion it’s surprisingly easy!

All you have to do is apply for a DWAL (Dangerous Wild Animal Licence) to the government which is then reviewed and given to you after some time if you’re successful.

Then all you have to do is show it when you go to buy your lion. A very sensible approach indeed! 

As well as this though, you need to consider the elephant in the room, or i suppose i should say the lion in the room instead!

All Joking aside, big cats are dangerous creatures, and are not to be taken lightly, if you’re considering buying a lion then you should take time to think your decision over fully, as it’s a huge investment, and it’s not easy taking care of an animal so high atop the food chain. 

After all of these considerations though, if you’re allowed, you’re completely ready to purchase your big cat. Let’s talk about how you buy it.

Buying A Lion

How Much Are Lions (Can You Even Buy Them)

As you might imagine, buying a lion isn’t something you’d generally do every day, and for that reason Lion vendors are limited.

It also means that the price of your lion is going to vary from cat to cat, and also depending on where you live in the world. But you probably knew that buying a lion was going to be a costly venture to begin with.

These days, you’re probably more likely to find the benefits of using an online marketplace completely outweigh a local vendor, (if there even is one locally) as well as the convenience of an online marketplace, you’re also going to find much more variety online, so that you can choose the specific breed, age, and gender of the cat that you’re looking for.

As a side note, exotic animal marketplaces are highly regarded, and offer many different animals other than just large cats. Take a look at some!

Overall, it’s going to depend on the age and breed of the lion that you’re looking at purchasing, but  if you’re interested in a standard lion adolescent you’re going to be looking between the range of $5,000 all the way to $140,000 for the exceedingly rare breeds, such as white lions.

If you were interested in buying a cub, instead that would be exceptionally cheaper, ranging from $1,500 to $15,000 of course this is excluding white lion cubs, which would vary due to how exceptionally rare they are. 

Once you’ve decided which big cat you want to purchase though, the process is as easy as buying a car or something larger online.

Most of these online marketplaces provide global shipping, and so after purchasing you’ll receive information regarding when you’re new friend will be arriving!

Renting A Big Cat

So buying a lion can be an extraordinarily expensive purchase, but maybe you don’t want to directly own a lion, but instead want to rent one.

This is often done for films or events, and can cost you between $100-$1,000 per hour. Still not a cheap investment. 

Taking Care Of Your New Friend

As we’ve seen then, buying a lion online can be a relatively simple process.

It’s once your lion arrives that more monetary costs, and taking care of your friend itself will come into effect. 

Starting off, You’ll need to purchase insurance for your lion which can cost anywhere in the range of $1,000 to 15,000.

As well as this, Lions require an enormous amount of food, their diet isn’t a cheap one either, consisting of red meat and various other lucrative foodstuffs.

On average you’ll be paying at least $14,000 annually to feed your cat, and this isn’t even considering the hours you’re going to have to spend taking care of them.

Final Thoughts

Lions are not typically domesticated animals. They’re known as the kings of the jungle and that’s really for a good reason.

If you’re considering buying a lion then it’s so important that you do your research beforehand. But if you’re certain you’re up to the task then they can be truly amazing animals.

Just remember to do your research beforehand,and make sure that you’re prepared to take care of one of the largest predators in the world.
Joe Edwards