Are Bobcats Dangerous?

Otherwise known as the bay Lynx or red Lynx, the bobcat is a medium-sized wild cat predominantly found in North America.

Also found in northern Mexico and southern Canada, this species of wild cat is a close relative of the larger Canada Lynx.

With a relatively small, cute appearance, the bobcat is usually mistaken for a typical domestic house cat or stray kitten. This leads many to wonder just how dangerous this species of cat is.

Are Bobcats Dangerous

Are bobcats dangerous, or are they just a bigger version of the cute and cuddly pets we’ve kept for centuries?

In this post, we’ll answer that question for you. If you want to learn more about the bobcat, or are concerned about how they could affect you, your family, or your pets, make sure you keep reading!

Are Bobcats Dangerous?

Answering the question, are bobcats dangerous ultimately comes down to how you look at them. For small squirrels, mice, birds, and deer that bobcats hunt on a daily basis, yes, the bobcat is dangerous.

Bobcats are fierce hunters that can reach top speeds of 34 mph and leap up to 12 feet into the air. This makes them excellent hunters that can inflict serious damage when hunting for food and defending themselves.

They have sharp claws and long, sharp teeth that can seriously injure or kill.

However, bobcats are also very lonely and shy creatures that will avoid contact whenever possible.

Due to this solitary lifestyle and shy nature, any animal that isn’t one of the bobcat’s food sources is virtually safe. A bobcat isn’t a danger to anyone or anything that lets it go about its daily life.

They only pose a threat when accidentally disturbed or startled.

Are Bobcats Dangerous To Humans?

When we look at things from a human perspective, no, bobcats aren’t dangerous.

Typically, lonely and shy animals, bobcats very rarely initiate any contact with humans. In fact, they’ll go out of their way to avoid it.

As a result, human attacks are very, very rare. Having said that, bobcats can be dangerous when startled or placed in danger. Therefore, accidental contact could potentially result in an incident.

With that in mind, it could be argued that bobcats are and aren’t dangerous to humans. Generally speaking for humans though, bobcats aren’t a problem as long as we leave them alone.

Even then, incidents don’t usually result in anything too serious.

Are Bobcats Dangerous To Dogs?

Unfortunately, yes, bobcats do pose a risk to dogs. While dogs aren’t common prey for a bobcat, they won’t miss the opportunity to take a free meal when one crosses their path.

Having said that, this only really applies to small dogs that weigh less than 30 lbs.

More often than not, bobcats won’t try to snatch a dog that weighs more than that. This is because it is too risky for the bobcat as they might get hurt too.

The best way to keep your dog safe is to stay with them at all times. Sadly, there have been cases reported of bobcats stealing smaller dogs from gardens.

Are Bobcats Dangerous

Are Bobcats Dangerous To Cats?

Despite being the same species of animal as the bobcat, cats are also at risk when they come face to face with the predator.

Of course, this depends on the species of cat, but generally speaking, bobcats are very dangerous to smaller domestic cats.

On the other hand, big cat species’ like panthers and cougars are more dangerous to bobcats than bobcats are to them.

As a matter of fact, bobcats are even hunted by these two big cat species.

Are Bobcats Dangerous To Pets?

If you know there’s a bobcat nearby or in your backyard, you should do everything you can to keep your pets away from them. This is because bobcats are dangerous to pets, in particular small pets.

The most common pets that bobcats pose a threat to are cats and dogs, but they won’t think twice about snatching any other pets they can get their paws on.

If you keep small pets like birds, guinea pigs, or rabbits outside, they will be at risk.

Are Florida Bobcats Dangerous?

Florida has a huge population of bobcats that are believed to be in the region of 300,000 individual cats.

Despite these high numbers, bobcats aren’t considered dangerous. This is despite the higher numbers of bobcats being found in urban areas.

Attacks are already very rare, with attacks becoming exceedingly rare in heavily populated areas.

The biggest threat bobcats pose in Florida is too small dogs and cats.

Are Arizona Bobcats Dangerous?

To reduce the chances of bobcats coming into contact with humans, the Arizona Game and Fish Department regularly relocates bobcats.

While this may suggest they pose some sort of threat, they are again not considered dangerous. There have been reported attacks in the past, but these cases were extremely rare and accidental.

Interestingly, the biggest threat the bobcat might pose in Arizona is rabies.

Are Bobcats Dangerous

Are California Bobcats Dangerous?

Bobcats in California aren’t dangerous. They don’t attack humans. To give you more assurance, you’ll be pleased to know that bobcat attacks in California are virtually unknown.

However, nobody should ever attempt to approach or handle a bobcat as this could provoke an attack.

Are Black Bobcats Dangerous?

Just like sandy-tan-colored bobcats, the black bobcat isn’t dangerous to humans. They are still shy by nature and prefer to avoid any contact.

The only time a black bobcat might attack a human is when they feel threatened or startled.

Simply keep your distance to avoid any incidents.

Black bobcats do however pose a threat to pets, other animals, and of course their prey.

Final Thoughts

Bobcats are elusive cats with sharp claws and teeth and a powerful jaw.

Skilled hunters and incredibly fast bobcats are dangerous to pets, prey, and other animals that threaten the cat. However, when it comes to people, bobcats aren’t dangerous.

Attacks are exceedingly rare because bobcats are shy creatures that don’t like to initiate contact. While attacks do occur now and again, most attacks are usually accidental and a result of unexpected contact.

As long as we steer clear of the bobcat and keep our pets close, there’s no reason to fear the bobcat or ever consider them dangerous.

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