Are Lions Friendly? (Toward Humans)

You’ve probably seen plenty of footage around the web of humans snuggling and running around with lions.

Are Lions Friendly (Toward Humans)

And you’ve also probably said to yourself or your friends: Isn’t it wonderful how they act like kids towards their human friends?

But are these videos and instances an exception to the general rule or are lions actually friendly to humans?

Is it safe to approach them when we are, for example, on a safari tour or should we be aware of any attacks?

If you like these magnificent creatures, you may be asking yourself this question and you may be looking for an answer to it.

So let us tell you more about these large cats’ personalities and how nice they are to us people.

Are Lions Sociable?

To some extent, lions can be sociable and domesticated, and they may even display loving behavior toward humans.

They are, however, still ferocious animals that grew up in the wilderness, so even the kindest and calmest lion may do lethal injury in seconds.

Therefore, you should know that even lions that are highly affectionate and have been tamed can still attack their owners if they are not properly looked after and cared for.

Are Lions Friendly?

There are several examples of lions forming the most wonderful ties with their caretakers in real life.

It demonstrates that, despite being wild and one of the deadliest animals on the planet, lions can accept humans with an open heart.

Unlike what most people might think, ions are neither violent beasts nor cold-blooded killers that attack humans for no cause.

On the contrary, especially when they are around their keepers, they are very dependable and pleasant to be around.

However, because lions are wild creatures by nature, it is not a good idea to let your guard down in front of one.

You must also keep in mind that a lion’s power is beyond what we imagine and that he or she may inadvertently, yet accidentally, cause serious injuries even when you are playing with them.

Are The Lions In The Zoo Friendly?

Are Lions Friendly (Toward Humans)

The zoo’s lions have the nicest ties with their caretakers and are frequently seen playing like little cats.

Given that they have their food and drink given to them at all times, and get some good sleep, they have no reason but to be content.

However, you cannot be completely sure about this peaceful demeanor of theirs.

A lion may become vicious and cause lethal injury in the blink of an eye if it feels intimidated by your movements or gestures or loses its rage.

Even if a person has nurtured a lion cub and they have the finest relationship, he must be vigilant at all times.

The most essential thing here is to act with care and be gentle with them, and always remember that lions are biologically wild animals whose moods and temperament can never be entirely controlled.

Even if they have never lived in a forest, a wild animal will naturally act according to its instincts.

They are dominating creatures who dislike being commanded by humans.

Are Lion Cubs Friendly?

Yes, lion babies are highly sociable due to their playful attitude. When the tiny, small cubs are playing, they resemble cats and appear charming.

Lion cubs, like human children, like spending all day playing with their parents, climbing up their bodies, and tugging their tails.

Lion cubs also have strong bonds with their human caregivers and participate in fun activities with them.

Because they are still little, they are harmless even if they act on their savage tendencies.

Are Lions Scared Of Humans?

It is undoubtedly in the nature of lions to perceive humans on foot as a danger.

It is unknown if they are afraid of people or feel threatened by them, although the latter is most likely the case.

Cubs are curious and playful as they get older, but as they follow the members of their pride, they learn to distrust humans.

They try to run or avoid humans confronting them, or they charge them in a horde with cries and commotion.

In many places around or in the woods where people live and co-exist with lions, the latter are often invading human areas.

However, even in this case, the most possible scenario is for the lions to feed on cattle rather than humans.

Therefore, if you are even under attack by a lion it is best to take all the courage you have got inside of you and try to pump that chest of yours to make your body look larger in size in an attempt to scare the lion.

Trying to escape and cowering will only make the lions and their hunting instincts more intense and lead to a man-chasing with an unfortunate ending.

Do Lions Like Humans?

Are Lions Friendly (Toward Humans)

Well, they certainly do not dislike people. Even in cases where lions cannot naturally form bonds with humans and cannot act like tamed pets, they can still express some kind of respect.

There are many stories from people working in the zoo who have spoken about their special and unprecedented ties with lions that have grown up with them and that wanted to be with them all the time.

In those stories, the lions do not only interact with their human pals by playing with them, but they also sleep with them, and lovingly cuddle with them.

As a result, it is quite clear that lions become loving towards those who love them, care for them, and appreciate their dominating nature without trying to order or threaten them.

They usually attack individuals that irritate or threaten them, but they sometimes attack people who are hungry and in dire need of food.

Do Lions Remember Humans?

We can’t say for sure if lions recall humans. There is no scientific evidence that lions retain human faces in their memories.

However, lions have been known to recognize and embrace their human buddies after a long time of not seeing them on rare occasions.

However, it is possible for them to recall their human caretakers.

They may recall their face if they grow to feel love toward people who do not threaten them and consider them a part of their pride.

After all, when they are handled well, they identify their keeper and feel at ease when they are together.

Yet, it is unknown if lions recall the faces of humans who may pose a threat.


The chances of a lion being friendly with humans are quite high. However, it is very important for humans to treat the lion with care and respect for their wild nature.

So, if you’re thinking of petting a lion in the near future, make sure you have much love and patience to give to that relationship and you might be getting a new best friend!

Joe Edwards