Lions: Symbolism & Meaning 

The lion is one of the most majestic creatures to be found anywhere in nature. They have historically been considered to be sacred, and are widely recognized for their protective nature.

The Egyptians believed that the lion was the god Ra’s sacred animal. He protected his people by keeping evil spirits away. The Romans also considered the lion to be their guardian deity.

Lions Symbolism & Meaning

They are widely regarded as royal animals who are highly powerful large felines, but what does it mean if you see a lion in your dreams? What role do totems play when a lion is featured on it? This is a complete guide into the symbolism and possible meanings that lions can have, and what makes them such significant symbols. 

What Does It Mean If You See A Lion In Your Dreams?

 It has been said that there is no animal more beautiful or graceful than the lioness. Lions symbolize strength, power, courage, and nobility.

These attributes make them an excellent choice for dream interpretation. When you dream about seeing a lion, you may be dealing with issues such as overcoming fears, finding inner strength, or achieving success.

The symbol of the lion is also associated with royalty because of its regal appearance. Seeing a lion in your dreams could indicate that you will receive recognition from someone important. Alternatively, it could signify that you will achieve personal goals through hard work. 

It could be time to trust yourself more, and begin to step into your true potential. The lion offers surprisingly wise guidance as well as protection.

If you see a lion that is stalking, then it could be a sign that you are experiencing a change of consciousness in your life. You may be being called to deal with a period of silence. 

On the other hand, aggressive lions seen in your dreams can be a sign that there is a real threat in your life. Verbal assault could be on its way, or it could be an indication that something malicious could be approaching. Consider lying low during this period until these challenges seem to have passed. 

Sitting lions and groups of lions laying down together could, however, be an indication that you are comfortable with your current pride and support network. Those around you find comfort when they are around you, and that loyalty as well as courage are valued by those close to you in your life. 

Lions In Totems

In many cultures, totem animals were used to represent tribes, with each symbol or animal representing a particular belief or value. The animals are often seen as guardians that help guide individuals or tribes onto the right spiritual path. During times of adversity, these figures act as guardians and protectors. 

The lion was often chosen as the tribal animal because of its strength and ferocity. The totem animal would serve as a protector for the tribe in general, and many people consider the figures depicted on the totem to be sacred. 

The kings of the jungle have an enormous amount of power, and have been said to bring courage and help people find their inner strength, and allow them to lead with pride. Make sure you look for the mane of a lion on a totem, because these are considered to represent halos. 

The natural leadership that you could be about to step into can be aided by this masculine energy. Consider the strength that you have always had within you, and how this is affected by your totem animals, which are more prominent to you. 

Lions As Spirit Animals

Not only are lions important figures when it comes to unlocking your own inner power, they can actually act as spirit guides. If you find yourself seeing symbols of lions within your daily life, or even dreaming about lionesses, your spirit animal could be trying to guide you through difficult times. 

Lionesses are fiercely maternal and protective of their young. They can guide you through a challenging situation and replenish your strength spiritually. While you are likely to have your guard up, you will not go out of your way to find a particular conflict. 

Much like the lions, you will be ready when challenged or threatened, but your actions are more likely to be premeditated and carefully calculated beforehand. The lion does not frequently make mistakes, when they pounce they are usually accurate, in terms of their timing, direction, and animal in mind. 

Additionally, having a lion as a spirit animal could be an indicator to focus on stealth and balance in different areas of your life. Appreciate your power and ability to lead silently at times.

Part of what makes lions so regal, is that they don’t need to prove themselves to anybody. Don’t let your fears get the best of you.  

Power Animals

Unlike spirit animals and totems, power animals are recognized as direct symbols of someone’s inner strength and power. A lion in particular could be trying to make you more aware of your own power and abilities. 

You could need to step into a leadership role or tap into your true potential. Like the king of the jungle, you should lead with grace and confidence.

Seeing a lion in certain situations is widely recognized as a sign that you need to step into your potential and become aware of your own power from within. 

If a lion is your power animal, you may need to brace yourself. This is because they tend not to hesitate, and will bring you the necessary knowledge as well as strength to propel on your spiritual journey. You could be ready to step into your true potential, and you can call on the lion as a guide, source of wisdom, or strength. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find My Spirit Animal?

One of the most straightforward ways of figuring out your spirit animal is by focusing on your dreams. There are a great number of symbols found within dreams, as they allow a stronger connection between the spiritual world when your body is resting. 

Think about whether there are any animals, in particular, which have been seen on multiple occasions in your dreams. This could be your spirit guide or animal, and they may be trying to show you which direction to take during your journey through life. 

Other methods include learning about any existing animal connections which were present figures for your ancestors. Some people also find it helpful to do online quizzes about the types of animals that they feel close to. 

What Does It Mean If I Dream About A White Lion?

There are several connotations associated with white lions within the spiritual world. Because it has been known to emphasize your reality, having dreams about white lions consistently could be a symbol of success, new beginnings in your life, or a heightened authority and power. 

This can be anything from career success, strengthening bonds with peers, or among family members. 

What’s The Difference Between Totems And Spirit Animals?

It is widely believed that your spirit animal acts as a guide that can help when you need inspiration, love, and courage. Your totem animal is actually a more consistent representative of who you are in general.

Additionally, your power animal is an energy which can be called upon during certain instances. 

Where Can I Find Out More About The Different Spirit Animals?

There are many unique types of meanings associated with different animals within the spirit world. These include the owl, the spider, the hummingbird, and the grasshopper.

Each spirit animal or guide can play a slightly different role in your life, and it is important to consider how your current situation is linked to your spiritual path. 

For more detail about spirit animals, there are many informational guides currently on the market. Books can be found online, and it could be helpful to speak with somebody who is more familiar with spirit animals and their corresponding meaning or purpose. 


According to ancient beliefs, the lion was considered the king of all cats. Because of this, they were thought to possess great wisdom and intelligence. This made them the perfect spirit animal to use for dreaming purposes.

Dreaming about a lion can signify that you will gain spiritual insight. It may also suggest that you will attain a new level of understanding.

There are a wide range of spirit animals, totem animals, and power animals worth exploring and appreciating. This can provide you with a greater understanding of the spiritual world, where you have come from, and how this influences the type of path you are currently on within your conscious life. 

Make sure you are looking out for lions within your dreams, and that you are taking a minute to think about what this could mean for your current role in life. This could relate to your career, outlook on life in general, certain relationships, or how you are progressing within yourself. 

Lions are incredibly regal creatures that can play an important role in your spiritual progression. 

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