Tigers: Symbolism & Meaning (Inc. Spirit, Totem & Power Animal)

Tiger cubs are often seen as symbols of strength and courage. What does this mean for us?

Tigers: Symbolism & Meaning (Inc. Spirit, Totem & Power Animal)

Tigers are powerful animals that symbolize strength, power, and ferocity. They also represent good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

There are several ways to harness the power of tigers. For example, they can be used in Feng Shui, or to bring out the tiger within.

In addition, they can be used to attract positive energy into our lives.

The tiger is a very strong animal with a lot of power. It has been said that it represents the “power of the tiger” and its ability to protect itself from harm.

It’s also believed that if you have an image of a tiger on your desk at work, you will become more successful.

But why is this? We look at the symbolism and meaning of the tiger in closer detail. 

What Is The Meaning Of The Tiger?

In Chinese culture, the tiger is considered a noble animal. It is known as the king of beasts because it was once thought to be invincible.

This made it a great warrior animal. It was also associated with royalty and nobility.

When we think about the tiger, we usually think of the big cats like lions, leopards, and panthers. However, there are many types of tigers.

There are Siberian tigers, Amur tigers, Bengal tigers, Indochinese tigers, Malayan tigers, South China tigers, and Sumatran tigers.

All these different kinds of tigers share some common characteristics.

They all have large heads and thick bodies. Their fur is long and shaggy. They have short tails and sharp claws. They’re also known for their stripes in orange and black.

Furthermore, they are generally solitary creatures, but sometimes live together in groups called clans.

These groups usually consist of one male and multiple females. Each female gives birth to one litter per year.

The tiger is also known for its predatory nature. It hunts for food using its keen eyesight and sense of smell.

It uses its powerful jaws to kill prey. Some people believe that the tiger’s roar is so loud that it can even be heard by other tigers miles away.

With such power, the meaning of the tiger is obvious. It represents strength and power.

If you want to increase your power, then you should use images of tigers in whichever form you can.

You could put them up in your office or home. Or you could wear clothing featuring tigers.

You could also call on the tiger as your spirit animal to help you manifest your goals. When you do this, you’ll need to know how to communicate with the tiger.

As mentioned before, the tiger’s roar is extremely loud. Therefore, you must learn how to control your sound when calling upon the tiger.

Symbolism Of The Tiger

The symbolic meaning of the tiger represents protection, power, and fervency. It is also associated with success, wealth, and prosperity in life.

The tiger is a symbol of strength and power. If someone wants to show off his/her power, then he/she would choose a tiger as an icon.

The tiger is the king of beasts. It is the strongest of all the wild animals. This makes it a symbol of courage and power.

It is also a sign of good luck. People who see the tiger often get lucky breaks.

If you want to make money, then you should consider buying a house or big possession with a tiger motif.

You may also want to buy a car with a tiger logo. If you want to attract love, then you might want to hang pictures of tigers in your bedroom.

Some people believe that the tiger is the most beautiful creature in the world.

This means that they feel very confident around the tiger in their appearance and have the confidence to be proud of how they look and walk in life.

People who are afraid of losing something will also find comfort in having a tiger image nearby.

The tiger has been used as a mascot for sports teams since ancient times. The first-ever football team was named after the tiger.

The tiger is also closely related to the sun. It is said that if you see a shining light, then it means that you will receive good news.

The tiger is considered to be the king of the jungle. This means that you are the boss of your destiny.

Overall, it is a powerful animal with powerful symbolic meanings of confidence, dignity, curiosity, strength, prowess, spiritedness, the sun, and sexuality.

How To Use A Tiger Image On Your Desk At Work

If you’re interested in increasing your success rate at work, then you might want to consider putting a tiger image on your desk. Why would you do this?

Well, according to Feng Shui, tigers represent power.

And since power equals money, having a picture of a tiger on your workspace means that you’ll have more money coming in and be more successful in your workplace.

The Tiger As A Spirit Animal

The Tiger As A Spirit Animal

One way to connect with the tiger, and call it to be your spirit animal, is by using its name. There are several ways to say “tiger.”

One way is “Mingguang” which means “bright and shiny”. Another way is “Jinlong”, which means “golden tiger”.

When you put a tiger image in your home, you are connecting with the spirit of the beast.

By doing so, you are bringing an element of strength into your environment. You are making yourself stronger and becoming more self-confident.

Having the tiger as your spirit animal will help you become more independent and confident. You should never underestimate the power of the tiger.

If you need some extra motivation to get things done, then you could always try calling upon the spirit of the tiger.

You should call upon the spirit animal when you feel like giving up. When you encounter challenges in life, you should not give up easily.

Instead, you should face them head-on, and the tiger can teach you how to do so.

You should call upon the spirit of the tiger when you feel like getting angry.

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions that people experience. However, anger can be used for good purposes.

So, if you find yourself feeling angry, you should try to channel that emotion into something positive using the power of the majestic tiger.

The Tiger As A Totem Animal

Another way to connect with the spirit of the tiger is to use its totem. The tiger is known as a powerful spirit animal. This means that it can teach us about our inner nature.

For example, if we think of ourselves as being courageous or bold, then we can learn from the tiger’s bravery.

As a totem animal, the tiger teaches us about courage and bravery first and foremost. We should never underestimate the power and strength of the tiger.

Sometimes, we may feel weak and powerless. But, we must remember that there is nothing wrong with weakness.

It is necessary sometimes and will make us stronger in the future.

The tiger is also associated with the color yellow. Yellow represents the energy of the sun. It is said that the sun gives us energy.

Therefore, the tiger totem symbolizes the fire within us all.

The Tiger As A Power Animal

Another way to connect with the energy of the tiger is through its power animal. The tiger is known to be the king of all wild animals because it is the strongest.

This means that it represents the ability to overcome any obstacles that come up in life.

If you look closely at the tiger, you will see that it has stripes. These stripes are meant to represent the many colors of the tiger rainbow.

Each color represents a certain type of energy. Red represents passion, orange represents enthusiasm, black represents growth, and white represents purity, peace, and wisdom. 

By calling on the tiger as a power animal, you are connecting with each of their energies.

You are learning to tap into the power of the tiger and its stripes and harness this energy to create change in your life.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have learned a lot about the tiger today.

There are many ways that you can connect with the spirit of this magnificent creature and use its powers to improve your life.

Having the tiger as your spirit animal can be very beneficial to you, and calling on it as either a power animal or totem can make a positive difference in your life.

It can help you be powerful, and courageous and have the bravery to go forward with your goals in life. So call on the tiger when you need an extra boost of bravery!

Joe Edwards