Do Lions Eat Foxes? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Lions are incredible predators and therefore it should come as no surprise that they are considered the ‘King of the Jungle’.

While lions don’t actually live in jungles, the first part of their nickname is true – they are the King of other species.

Do Lions Eat Foxes

Why is this? Well, it could be because they are at the top of their food chain and therefore are the King of predators.

But do lions eat foxes, or are these animals cunning enough to outsmart the ferocious lion? Let’s find out.

What Do Lions Eat?

As we’ve already mentioned, the King of the Jungle lions are at the top of their food chain. This means that they are incredibly efficient at catching prey.

Most lions will set their eyes on any type of meat and capture it before bringing it back to the family in time for dinner.

Lions don’t tend to be fussy eaters – they will choose animals large and small to eat.

While a larger animal might have more meat on its bones to enjoy, such as zebras and antelopes, they will also settle for smaller mice and birds if that’s all that’s available.

Overall, lions will eat whatever they can find in their habitat. As they are at the top of their food chain, they do not need to worry about being preyed upon by another animal. This allows lions to eat whatever they want.

Where Do Lions Live?

Lions are able to inhabit almost anywhere in the world, and are commonly spotted in open areas such as woodlands, grasslands, and thick bushes.

While this is true, lions don’t tend to be fussy about their habitat and will make the most of anywhere – as long as it has enough food for them to capture.

In fact, the only areas in which you won’t see lions are in tropical rainforests as well as dry deserts. They can even be found on beaches!

Lions will live anywhere as long as a few conditions are met. The first is, of course, that the habitat has enough food sources for them to prey on.

Lions tend to get very bored and need a lot of energy, which is where the chase for food comes in. If there is not enough prey, a lion will move elsewhere.

The second requirement is sufficient cover. Lions like to hang back in tall grass and trees to prevent their prey from seeing them.

As we mentioned before, part of the fun of prey is the chase to catch it! Lions want a challenge, so cover is a must to achieve this game.

Lions also need lots of water – chasing after their prey can be sweaty business!

While they get most of their moisture requirement from their prey, they also enjoy bathing and drinking some fresh water from a lake or stream.

After a long day of chasing prey, a lion doesn’t want to travel far to get some water and a bath!

Finally, lions will also appreciate enough shade in their habitat. This allows them to sleep throughout the day without the sunlight keeping them up.

Where Are Foxes On Their Food Chain?

red fox

It might surprise you to note that foxes actually also sit on the top of their food chain in woodlands! This is because they are one of the largest mammals to inhabit the area, as well as deer.

This means that foxes don’t have to worry about any other prey from attacking them, and they can live their lives peacefully.

Foxes are much smaller than lions, however, so they tend to stick to smaller prey such as rabbits, mice, birds, rats, and other live sources of meat.

Where Are Foxes Found?

There are foxes all over the world, living in deserts, countryside, cities, grasslands, mountains, and more!

There are so many types of different foxes that it makes sense that they are spread throughout the different continents.

Most foxes are found in woodlands, among the trees so that they can hunt their prey without it seeing them before the fox is ready.

However, it’s not uncommon to see foxes living in grasslands with tall grass, either.

Are Foxes And Lions Ever Seen Together?

The most inhabited area of the world with lions is in Africa. Africa has the perfect weather for lions to thrive as well as plenty of prey to chase and catch.

You will very rarely see lions in other continents such as Europe and North America as they are too built-up for lions to chase their prey.

So, are there any foxes in Africa? Yes – there are! The red fox is a popular fox that lives in Africa. It is also one of the largest species of fox, and considered very rare as well.

As both lions and foxes like to inhabit woodlands and grasslands, it’s not uncommon for them to inhabit the same areas.

Lions will typically dominate the area during the summer when the weather is enjoyable, but they will head away from it during the colder months.

While the lions are away, foxes can play! They will inhabit the grasslands that have been deserted by the lions, using it to find their prey and enjoy their winter.

Do Lions Eat Foxes?

Yes, they will certainly eat a fox if they ever come into contact with one of them! However, this is quite rare, as the smart fox knows when to dominate the habitat – when the lion has left for the winter!

So, it is quite uncommon for a lion to eat a fox as the latter tends to outsmart the King of the Jungle.


We hope that this article cleared up any questions you had in regards to lions and foxes. Both of these animals are at the top of their food chains – as long as the fox is clever enough to stay away from lion-inhabited areas during the summer.

Overall, lions will eat foxes given the chance, but foxes rarely do.

Joe Edwards