Do Lions Eat Wolves? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Of all the big cats, lions are without a doubt one of the most lethal and powerful. Panthera Leo may only be the second-biggest cat species on the planet, but that doesn’t stop it being a formidable predator.

Do Lions Eat Wolves

Just as the lion is considered by many to be the king of cats, wolves are widely considered the king of dogs. These two species are very different, but similar in that both are the apex predators of their habitat.

Many of us have wondered who would win in a fight between a wolf and lion. Well, wonder no more as this article is here to provide the answers.

We will be telling you who would win in a fight between these two species and whether they are likely to eat each other.

Do Wolves And Lions Live In The Same Environment?

We should start by saying that it is very unlikely for wolves and lions to ever interact, as they don’t share the same habitat.

Many of the African wild dog species colloquially referred to as wolves are actually jackals or other species.

The only area where a wolf and a lion are likely to come across each other is in certain regions of India, where Asiatic lions may share the same habitat as the Indian wolf.

Below you will find a comparison of the dimensions between these two species.

Asiatic Lion VS Indian Wolf

Asiatic lions are smaller than their African counterparts, often only reaching a maximum length of 9.5ft from head to tail. They stand roughly 3.5 ft tall, and can weigh anywhere between 240 to 420lbs.

In comparison, the Indian wolf only stands at 2.4 ft in height and 4.7 ft in length. They can weigh anywhere between 37 and 55 lbs, so as you can see they are significantly smaller than the Asiatic lion.

African Lion VS Northwestern Wolf

Just for fun, we thought we would compare the largest species of lion with the largest species of wolf. This should give you an idea of the difference between the most powerful members of both species.

The African lion can reach up to 10ft in length including its tail and stands as tall as 4ft high. The males of the species can weigh as much as 550lbs, with the females often being slightly smaller.

The Northwestern wolf lives in Canada, so it is never going to naturally encounter a lion. However, this is the largest recorded species of wolf and can grow to be 7ft long and 3ft tall.

Their weight ranges from 85 to 135lbs, so as you can see even the biggest wolf in the world is pretty small when compared to a fully grown lion.

Would A Lion Eat A Wolf?

Lions and Wolves are both apex predators, which means they occupy the same trophic level of the food chain. A trophic level is a group of animals that occupy the same level in the food chain.

For instance, herbivores like buffalo and deer are primary consumers because they eat plants, while carnivores like wolves are secondary or even tertiary consumers depending on subspecies.

The 10% energy rule states that only 10% of the energy from each trophic level is passed on to the next. As such, even if a lion killed a wolf, or vice versa, they are unlikely to eat each other.

A lion would need to eat 10 deer to get the same amount of energy it would get from one wolf.

That said, there are always exceptions and if a lion is desperate and hungry enough it will eat whatever is available.

The same of course goes for a wolf, who would not hesitate to eat a dead lion if there were no other food sources available.

As such, neither species is likely to kill the other for food, but that doesn’t mean they would not fight over territory or prey.

Lions VS Wolves: Who Would Win

Do Lions Eat Wolves

While lions and wolves are very unlikely to ever interact, for fun we have broken down who would win in a fight between these two species.

The most likely fight that could occur would be between an Asiatic lion and an Indian wolf.

While the Asiatic lion is considerably smaller than the African variant, it would still be more than capable of handling an Indian wolf in a straight fight.

A pack of Indian wolves may stand a chance at taking down a single lion, although they are more likely to flee first if this is an option.

Even the Northwestern wolf, which is the largest subspecies, would struggle in a straight battle between either an Asiatic or African lion.

Lions are simply larger and significantly more powerful, meaning they would only need one good strike to kill a wolf.

Again a desperate pack of wolves may stand a chance, but unless the lion is very sick or injured, it is likely to be a very tough fight.

If a pride of lions encountered a pack of wolves, and they were to fight, then again the lions will almost definitely come out on top.

African lions will regularly fend off whole packs of hyenas on their own, and as such would probably not have much issue doing the same to a pack of wolves.

However, this is all speculation, and in reality, were a pack of wolves to stubble across a pride of lions their immediate response would be to flee.


We hope you have enjoyed this comparison between cats and dogs. For the most part, wolves and lions do not share the same habitats and are unlikely to come across one another.

That said, it is still fun to imagine scenarios and speculate on which species would win in a fight. Even if we are just fantasizing, though, pitting a wolf against a fully grown lion is hardly a fair fight.

The difference in size and weight means that the big cats are likely to triumph in most situations, even if they are outnumbered.

Joe Edwards